What is epoxy resin

What is epoxy resin

Epoxy is made up from epoxy resins, which are basically reactive prepolymers with epoxide groups. When these resins get together with hardeners lik, acids, phenols, or alcohols, they form a super-tough, thermosetting polymer with amazing mechanical and chemical resistance. This epoxy is used for all kinds of things, from metal coatings to electronics, composites, and even paintbrush manufacturing. It's like the Swiss Army knife of materials!

I use epoxy resin for my art

Resin art is my absolute jam! When I mix those two components together and work my magic by casting it into special molds, and adding that extra touch of magic to create mesmerizing effects. It's like being a wizard of art!ย 

I've developed my techniques over time, after making many mistakes and improving my art one piece at a time to perfection, I finally got to a point where I find pleasure in creating stunning pieces of art.

It's time-consuming, and attention to detail is definitely required, but the end result is truly magical.

The best part of all is when a client really falls in love with the art. It just makes my day!

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